Boost-histogram (source) is a Python package providing Python bindings for Boost.Histogram (source).

You can install this library from PyPI with pip:

python -m pip install boost-histogram

or you can use Conda through conda-forge:

conda install -c conda-forge boost-histogram

All the normal best-practices for Python apply; you should be in a virtual environment, etc.

Supported platforms#

Binaries available:#

The supported platforms are listed in the README - All common linux machines, all common macOS versions, and all common Windows versions.


The boost-histogram package is available on Conda-Forge, as well. All supported versions are available.

conda install -c conda-forge boost-histogram

Source builds#

For a source build, for example from an “sdist” package, the only requirements are a C++14 compatible compiler. The compiler requirements are dictated by Boost.Histogram’s C++ requirements: gcc >= 5.5, clang >= 3.8, msvc >= 14.1. You should have a version of pip less than 2-3 years old (10+).

NumPy is downloaded during the build (enables multithreaded builds). Boost is not required or needed (this only depends on included header-only dependencies).This library is under active development; you can install directly from GitHub if you would like.

python -m pip install git+